How to Dye Your Mulch

Mulch Dye

Over time, any ground covers's color will fade due to exposure to sun light. Whether the choice is made to bring in new or go over the top of the existing material, ENDURANT Mulch Colorants or Mulch dyes, allow the user to easily get the desired shade of black, brown, red or pine straw without any specialized equipment.

Equipment and supplies needed

Step 1 – Choose Your Mulch Dye

Endurant Mulch Dyes come in a variety of natural colors. All of the mulch dyes have been formulated to give a long lasting and added visual appeal to faded mulch.

Step 2 – Applying Endurant™ Mulch

  • Shake

    Shake Endurant Mulch Colorant well before using*.

  • Cup

    Add 8 ounces of Endurant Mulch Colorant per gallon of water to your household garden sprayer.

  • Mix

    Mix/shake well.

  • Sprayer

    Spray mixture onto mulch, bark or pine straw carefully avoiding concrete areas, pavers, fences and plant material.**

  • Dry

    Let dry.

  • Repeat

    If a darker shade is desired, reapply to the desired color depth.

Mulch Dye Colors


**This product will stain plants, rocks, sidewalks, driveways or porous substrates. If unwanted overspray occurs, rinse immediately with water.


Store in a cool, dry location. Avoid freezing. Dispose of empty container in waste bin when done.


If contact with eyes occurs, flush with large amounts of water for 15 minutes. Seek medical attention.
If contact with skin occurs, wash with soap and water.


Ingredients: Water, all natural pigments and binders.